Anonymous:You never finished I spy ;/

I’m sorry. I really want to finish it but I feel like the feedback that I got back from it wasn’t so great so I’ve been debating on deleting it overall.

October 16 | 9:57 | 1♥
Anonymous:hi buddy, would you mind not tagging your tomlinshaw ship stuff with nick's full name?? he checks his tag sometimes and we like to try & keep all fandom stuff out of his sight as much as possible, thank you so so much! cute manip by the way :))) xx

Oh, sure love. That becomes a problem though when people who follow me has him blacklisted and don’t want to see him on their dash. I don’t usually blog about Nick so I’m sure it won’t happen again. Thanks though. xxw

October 11 | 7:31
Anonymous:so did Matty Healy ever wrote a song for the guys? coz he was in Nick Grimshaw's radio show a while back and they were doing this thing called 'call or delete' and he has Niall and Harry's numbers and he mentioned about the song writing stuff...

Yeah, he mentioned in May that he wrote a song with Niall that will maybe be on the album as for the exact song I’m not too sure about.

October 9 | 10:30
Anonymous:What is it with the song "Don't" and Niall?

People is saying that it was confirmed that it is about Niall which I highly doubt because I haven’t seen that confirmation video and you shouldn’t trust articles. Anyways, Ed had a thing with Ellie Goulding and apparently while Ed and Ellie was staying in the same hotel Ellie and Niall fucked and Ed wrote the song about the whole situation.

September 28 | 10:14 | 2♥
Anonymous:Did you like little me?

It’s definitely a really good song, their vocals are really amazing but it isn’t anything that’ll have me attached to them or their music. I love inspiring songs, slow songs, party songs, whatever. I instantly attached to Wings, Move, DNA and How Ya Doing, I wasn’t so much with that song. I’ll go listen to Salute now.

September 6 | 2:20
Anonymous:They're great at acapella! Just search little mix- a capella in youtube.

I know, omg, there’s like this acapella version of How Ya Doing and they killed it.

September 6 | 2:13
dreambeyondthesun:Salute, Move, Little Me (just listen to the harmonies in little me FAB)

I’ll go listen to Salute & Little Me now, Move is a great song, I love it.

September 5 | 6:52
Anonymous:if you want to get into little mix start with the acapelas! here's one 4 u: www*youtube*com/watch?v=JH8rIVUMyWc

Nah, I’m good not being a fan of them. I just want to listen to their music that they’ve recorded. I don’t wanna do too much like go back to x factor, jusgt a few songs. Thanks though.

September 5 | 6:47
Anonymous:Thank you! - fic cut person

idk why but i found this cute, haha. No problem :) xx

September 2 | 6:14 | 1♥
Anonymous:wait how are you 3000 away from your next thousand im confused??

I meant 300. I was mobile so I accidentally added an extra 0. It’s 300 and thank you to everyone who is following me/reblogged it, means a lot .xx

September 2 | 5:52